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3 Levels Of Foundation Repair The way the cost of foundation repair is determined depends mostly on underpinning method, amount of damage, number of piers needed for proper leveling and support as well as the materials that’ll be used. To be able to get accurate estimation, it usually requires thorough inspection of foundation that might last from 30 minutes or sometimes more, that also depends on the structure that has to be inspected. There are some types of soil move foundation that puts the house fatigue and stress over time. When the composition of soil beneath the foundation has changed, it causes the property to be out of level. There are a number of signs that homeowners use to know when the structure is out of level and is requiring repairs. The 3 levels of foundation damage are basically the cosmetic, functional as well as structural. Cosmetic damage – this typically shows up first in forms of cracks in interior sheet rock walls as well as ceilings and in the exterior bricks. This is pretty disturbing to a homeowner whose house is the biggest investment. Cracks normally prompt the homeowner to do the necessary actions and call for foundation repair company to perform inspection of the foundation and to determine the repairs that should be done, and above everything else, the cost it entails.
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Functional damages – these are classified as parts of the structure that are not properly functioning. Doors that won’t latch or close completely, windows that don’t close or open properly, huge gaps in mortar and bricks, which causes hot or cold air to enter the house and so forth are just some signs of functional damage. The brickwork and framework is distorted as well and becomes out of level when there’s distortion in the foundation. Functional damages usually require underpinning or piers in an effort to level out the foundation and correct the distorted areas.
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Structural damages – this is basically the worst damage that could be experienced by any homeowner among the 3. You can easily spot the signs of structural damage as it includes huge breaks in sheet rocks, foundation, walls and ceilings to the stage where the foundation repair may cause more damage to it. In case that your foundation shows these signs, then you must immediately hire a structural engineer in order to design the scope of repair plus the piering method needed. Even more, you need to inquire from the engineer what’s the best company to hire for foundation repair as he certainly has experience with this. Never take for granted the referrals given by such professional.

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